We encourage you to participate with the IMSR to make this database as complete as possible for all worldwide mouse strain resources. If you or your institution hold mice, cryopreserved gametes or embryos, or ES cell lines that you distribute to other researchers, contributing information about them to the IMSR catalog will make them more widely known.

Once registered, you will be contacted by the IMSR staff. We will need to finalize issues such as: your ability to comply with our recommended submission format; planning the frequency of your submissions; and other details surrounding the submission process.
Submission Format
The IMSR accepts submissions as files in tab-delimited text format. Registered providers submit data to an ftp site where they are picked up and processed by the IMSR. We encourage data updates at minimum on a 6-month schedule.
Example rows from submission file:

4369   C57BL/6J-Rag1<tm1Mom> Ins2<Akita>/J   SEG,MSR   LM,EM   MGI:1857241   Rag1<tm1Mom>   targeted mutation 1, Peter Mombaerts   TM   2   MGI:97848   Rag1   recombination activating gene 1  
4369   C57BL/6J-Rag1<tm1Mom> Ins2<Akita>/J   SEG,MSR   LM,EM  MGI:1857572   Ins2<Akita>   Akita   SM   7   MGI:96573   Ins2   insulin II
Download submission format specifications:
Column Description Example **
Strain/Stock ID The unique ID used by your site to represent this strain. 4369
Strain/Stock Designation Full strain name. C57BL/6J-Rag1<tm1Mom> Ins2<Akita>/J
Strain Type Type of strain, comma-separated list. See below for the accepted list of strain types. SEG, MSR
State State in which the strain is held. Like strain type, if a strain is held in multiple states at a given site, it should be included as a comma-separated list. See below for strain state abbreviations. LM,EM
URL The full URL, or strain id to insert into a URL template that is to be used to link the strain record displayed in the IMSR to the providers strain record.
MGI Allele Accession ID This is the MGI Accession ID for the Allele. Use of this field should make providing allele symbol and name unnecessary. (Optional) MGI:1857241
Allele Symbol Allele associated with this gene and strain. If a strain carries multiple alleles, a separate line is required for each. Please verify nomenclature* by searching MGI. Rag1<tm1Mom>
Allele Name Name of the Allele.(Optional, to aid in curation when symbol does not exist in MGI) targeted mutation 1, Peter Mombaerts
Mutation Type For each mutant allele, specifies the type of mutation that it represents. Usually there will be only one mutation type per Allele. Should there be an exception to this rule, these should be submitted as a comma-separated list. See below for mutation type abbreviations. TM
Chromosome Chromosome on which the Gene is located. 2
MGI Gene Accession ID This is the MGI Accession ID for the Gene. Use of this field should make providing gene symbol and name unnecessary. (Optional) MGI:97848
Gene Symbol Gene Symbol for mutation carried in this strain. If a strain carries multiple gene mutations, a separate line is required for each.Please verify nomenclature* by searching MGI. Rag1
Gene Name Name of the Gene.(Optional, to aid in curation when symbol does not exist in MGI) recombination activating gene 1
* Additional nomenclature assistance is available by emailing
** For this strain example (C57BL/6J-Rag1tm1Mom Ins2Akita/J), the submission file would include 2 lines. The first line is represented in the "Example" column above. Two lines (below) are required because two mutations are carried in this strain; Rag1<tm1Mom> and Ins2<Akita>.

Strain State Abbreviations (IMSR Glossary)
CA unspecified cryoarchived material
EM cryopreserved embryos
ES ES cell lines
LM live mouse
OV cryopreserved ovaries
SP cryopreserved or freeze-dried sperm
Strain Type Abbreviations (IMSR Glossary)
CCO closed colony
COI coisogenic strain
CON congenic strain
CSS consomic or chromosome substitution strain
HY hybrid
IS inbred strain
MAH major histocompatibility congenic
MIH minor histocompatibility congenic
MSK mutant stock
MSR mutant strain
NON noninbred stock
OUT outbred stock
RC recombinant congenic
RI recombinant inbred
SEG segregating inbred strain
UN unclassified
WDS wild-derived inbred strain
Mutation Type Abbreviations (IMSR Glossary)
CH chromosomal aberration
CI chemically induced mutation
DEL deletion
DP duplication
EMM endonuclease mediated mutation
GT gene trap
INS insertion
INV inversion
OTH other
RAD radiation induced mutation
REC recombinase (cre/flp)
RB Robertsonian translocation
SM spontaneous mutation
TG transgenic
TL reciprocal translocation
TM targeted mutation
TP transposition
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